THJ’s First ever photo shoot in favourite car park.

THJ’s First ever photo shoot in favourite car park.

Grunters carpark is my favourite carpark in the south west, Western Australia. I’m very attached to peninsula vistas, having grown up for a bit on the edge of one in Palos Verdes, California. And the south western coastline of Western Australia has been my home for 10 years now. We shot in between rain showers at the tail end of Winter 2018.So bored tshirt by Tarhairedjack

So bored‘ tees by Tarhairedjack. Models wear Coral L and White XL

Back in the beginnings of Tarhairedjack I realised that this particular carpark was taking a special place in my life and my ideas. I spend a bit of time here. I love the car parks curved lines, the asphalt, the color mix of nature and human made, the half finished curbs and then there’s the view.

I asked the talented eye, Kendra Benson Photography, to help me realise it’s potential. The local boys/models graciously donated their time in exchange for hoods and tees and photos. And thanks to the boss who ‘lent’ me one of them.

And the no stopping in the photo above is perfect. Local Surfers stop their cars here to check out the surf to the south all the time but what I see is the metaphorical of no stoppingno stopping in this Tarhairedjack art and life journey.  No stopping in this life only continual seeking, joining and stepping off.

From this asphalt the barely civilised world drops away and to the south is a forever view. The carpark is raw with its edges finishing and leading to tracks though dune hills to coveted surf breaks and beaches. Here is where you leave to join a wilderness of water.

And this carpark is a meeting place of like minds. I’ve discussed surf, art, trauma, sharks, trashy tv, childhoods and sold hoods, whilst watching for the sets to define themselves as worthy of any effort to join them. Sometimes the conversations too good and it takes awhile. xthj


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