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The artist has tea habits…

  New drawings from the my digital drawing series ‘After much talk’, inspired by my lovely shack.  Teacup detail is of a ‘Sailor’s farewell’ from the artists own teacup collection. For m ore work please see link below Margaret River Open Studios 2019


Ben Quilty on empathy, angry art, backlash and that Jesus photo | Art and design | The Guardian

My fav line is about the Toranas. Quilty is a draftsman I admire qreatly, he can paint the way he does because he is an amazing drawer. I also believe his search for meaning that the Richard Flanagan excerpt refers to. All his painting have been about finding meaning. — Read on www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/mar/10/ben-quilty-on-empathy-angry-art-backlash-and-that-jesus-photo


Emails are useful for knowing stuff first