'Soooo bored' By Jenny barr

'Soooo bored' By Jenny barr

Are you one with your surfboard? synchronised and pure of thought? in unison seeking waves, hunting and gathering wave counts or stuck in a perpetual haze of youth, sunsets and post surf drinks?

Well thats not me either….i wish i was more one with my board then perhaps together we could do small great things on waves of substance majestically … sorry drifting off…

I think what makes people surf or swim with a fervour that’s akin to a rather large cult is very interesting and cuts deep into how we connect as humans to each other and to our planet.

Humour, friendship and that oceanic feeling , shared or alone out there in the wildness of the ocean.

So I think of this cartoon in two ways 1. you are of the chosen few who become one with their boards or 2. you are just bored, bored with life, with the sameness of the same old surf stories being oushed around, bored with predictability.

If its no. 2 find some mates and hit the water no matter what state its in (but be safe).


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