Thj Swell Report 19/08/2018

Thj Swell Report 19/08/2018
my favourite bend in the road

The biggest news of the week is ….. drum roll …. SMART Drum Lines, a tag and release program for sharks. This is a change of mind from the WA govt, who have now agreed to trial some science in Gracetown – see above fav bend in road photo.

This has been met with Yays and Hmmmms in town. Im on the side of science and not killing stuff. Some aren’t so keen on having a nibbles platter on hand for any passing creature.

Other conversational topics popular at the tail end of winter here are the water temperature drop, the wind speeds – a friend declared 30knots was her cut off the other day-

Thawing feet

the empty shops in town- more closing soon and with them the scapegoating of Airbnb when really everyone is suffering from ‘brokeness’ (except the banks).

the sharks haven’t helped as a tourist drawcard in a tourist town. so i hope the smart drum lines will help abate those fears.

The most common talk however is from holiday returnies who’ve left for their annual winter pilgrimage and returned with tanlines. everyone’s always going somewhere it seems at this time of year.

yet this years sojourns have had a twist…

‘how was your holiday ? ‘terrifying!’ was one exchange. Terrified had been in Lombok during the recent earthquake.

So Im liking my little corner of the world, i just hope i don’t have to keep paying 3.50 $ a cucumber… Here’s a shot of my favourite bay with a little bit of low tide chaos goin’ on. Xthj

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